Five Minute Friday: Writer… choosing real over perfect

I never called myself a writer.

I always just knew that I could write better than I could speak. My feelings were best expressed when I couldn’t see my recipient’s reaction.

A one-sided conversation of sorts.

I used to write in the backseat of our 1979 wood-paneled station wagon. I was the youngest of five kids. I never thought my opinion mattered… so I wrote it down instead.

When I met my husband, he brought the “writer” out in me. He is the best writer I know and he marveled at the hidden layer I rarely revealed to even my closest friends. It is his encouragement that brought about my blog. It is his voice I hear when I sit down and just tell myself, “write dammit!”

Writing is my best friend and my worst enemy. It brings out my worst self doubt, but also helps me release the Mommy guilt which would surely eat me alive.

My story isn’t neat. It doesn’t unfold in a linear pattern. My characters aren’t in my head, they are tugging on my pant leg right now as I type. This is real life. It’s raw and emotional. Things are often left undone. I hit “publish” and my heart is left on my sleeve every time.

I am evolving as a writer and a mother. Most days, I can’t separate the two.

My story will never be completely told.

The neat bow will never be tied.

And so I write…

This post was written in response to Lisa Jo Baker’s writing prompt “writer” for “Five Minute Friday.” I was supposed to write this blog post without worrying about perfection or typos or grammar. Perhaps you can tell. Perhaps my honesty supersedes my typos. You can check out Lisa Jo’s blog and all the other 5 minute Friday submissions here


14 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Writer… choosing real over perfect

  1. I tend to edit my my posts while writing. If you didn’t edit yours, I say it still sounds grammatically correct! Sometimes I keep it short, but it depends on the subject.If the topic is on key I can write up a storm! Love what you wrote. And you have a kid with autism. I see my nephew every friday and the last weekend of the month. Definitely a handful. But I’m sure you have so much insight to share too!

  2. Shannon, I love THIS! So great, I love your “real” writing style. So refreshing and relatable.
    This part – “I always just knew that I could write better than I could speak. My feelings were best expressed when I couldn’t see the recipient’s reaction.”
    I still get all clammy when put on the spot, even though I can share the world through my writing.
    Thanks for sharing this!

  3. I can totally relate to this: “writing is my best friend and my worst enemy.” It’s amazing what a love/hate relationship I can have with writing. The more I look at it though, I realize it’s not the writing that is my enemy it’s the broken places in myself that I feed. Keep writing friend!

  4. I look forward every time isee High Functioning Momism. I think you should write a book. It would definetly be a best seller. Can’t wait till Lents over so I can catch up on you and The Gallaghers. Love to you. Mimi

  5. I love reading your posts Shan! Your honesty is a true inspiration to all. I miss you and wish I didn’t live so far away :(.

  6. As a writer, I am always inspired by your honesty and bravery. I, too, struggle with the “write damnit” obstacles I create in my own head. Still searching for an outlet for my unique voice…

  7. I’ve always wanted to write my memoir, but that is one of the problems… I won’t know how to end it! There is not a nice way to close it that brings everything together! I wish real life would cooperate with literary expectations!

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