Mom Inspired

Yesterday, an old friend reached out to me. I haven’t talked to her in fifteen years, but she wanted to tell me she read Henry’s Happy Ending  and wanted to write to me. I’m not even going to paraphrase it because I wouldn’t do it justice. Here’s what she said:

“I had to tell you that after reading your last blog post I am blown away by your strength, love, optimism and fighting spirit. You are a true inspiration. I was brought to tears as I read your post and was so touched that you would allow any of us to be given the chance to share in it. I can’t tell you how truly happy I am for you that your son is doing so well. It is a true testament to, not only his spirit, but that of his loving mommy’s, as well as his entire family. Happy Mother’s Day to truly the most amazing mom I know. xoxoxo”

Whoa! Was that the nicest thing you’ve ever heard? Can you imagine how great she made me feel? I felt honored, yet humbled to be thought of that way and to have touched another Mom so much. She didn’t have to take the time out of her day to make me feel good, but she did… and it felt good!

It got me thinking… we should compliment other moms more often. Who else knows our struggle better than other moms? Oftentimes, we feel judged by other moms. But in reality, we all feel like we are just barely holding it together. My kids noses are runny. Only half of my kids ever have shoes on at the same time. My floors are always messy. I am far from perfect, but my old friend’s compliment made me forget all that. A snicker or a judgmental look from a fellow Mom on the playground can ruin another Mom’s whole day. But, what could a heartfelt, soul-inspiring compliment do?

So, today, on Mother’s Day, go find another Mom that inspires you and tell her! Maybe it’s a Mom you barely know. Maybe it’s a Mom blogger, whom you read, but never comment on. Maybe it’s your sister, but you’ve never told her. We could all use a little wind beneath our wings every now and then.

Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for reading my blog and sharing in my struggles and triumphs. And to those of you who have commented or messaged me privately, thank you for words. Your kindness inspires me more than you will ever know.

And to my own Mom– Happy Mother’s Day. You have been my greatest teacher. You are selfless and giving and thoughtful beyond measure. You are everything I ever hoped I could be in a Mom. To know you is to know love. Thank you for loving me and my children.

My beautiful brood. So thankful to be called Momma. It's the best title in the world.

My beautiful brood. So thankful to be called Momma. It’s the best title in the world. And thanks to Joe for working so hard so I can make it look easy.


6 thoughts on “Mom Inspired

  1. Hi, Shannon. Congratulations on receiving the Beautiful Mama Blog Award from Ashley at Sewrite. I actually nominated Ashley. I’m so glad to discover a new blog and will be following you in the future.

    The Jenny Evolution

  2. Shannon, I finally got to read your blog. Thank you, but you have always been your own person. You were teaching me at the age of two. Love you, mom xo xo

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