To Henry and Tallulah on your 2nd birthday

Henry and Tallulah turn two tomorrow and I just can’t believe it. The past two years have been such a whirlwind. It’s hard to believe we’ve packed so many milestones and miracles into such a short time!

When the old ladies in the supermarket pass me and see my twins in the shopping cart, I usually get a “Oh, bless your heart” or “there’s a place in heaven for you” comment. What these well-intended passersby don’t understand is just how very wanted these twins are. How very planned and calculated these twins were.

Every Follistim shot.

Every blood test.

Every ultrasound.

The pregnancy before theirs.

The sadness before them.

The doubt before them.

The miracle of them!

So, as they turn two tomorrow, I am nothing but grateful and, of course, melancholy about the passage of time. I wish I could press pause because I know that these days are fleeting.  Never once have I felt I am “earning my place in heaven” by being a mother to them (or their brothers).

To Henry– You have shown me more about strength and perseverance in your short life than I have learned in my lifetime. I can’t believe you have grown from this:

To this!

Everything about you has been utterly miraculous. From those first days in the NICU to the myriad of specialists we’ve seen since. From the fear of a cerebral palsy diagnosis to embracing your challenges only to find that a diagnosis is not your definition. We learned from you, not your “disability.” Then, on that day in November when your neurologist said she no longer “saw” the CP. You have defied your challenges since day one. You are nothing short of a miracle packed into a 24 pound peanut shell of a body! Your first two years have been your greatest tests and you have surpassed them all! There is nothing you can’t do! We are in awe of you. You are a joy to be with every day.  Like your namesake, Henry David Thoreau, you have a peaceful simplicity we can only aspire to be like.

To Tallulah, my only girl. Unlike so many things in life, the anticipation of you pales in comparison to the real you. I dreamt of you, but that dream was black and white and you are Technicolor!

You have strength and confidence and agility and poise. You have a million different faces and smiles.

You are better than I ever imagined you’d be. You are so much more than pink outfits and hair bows. I always thought that if I ever had a girl I would feel like I were looking right into my own face, but you are your own person and so much more than just a little version of me! You came into this world and showed us what strength was. You have powered through life at full force! You have a sweet and sassy side. You have Daddy and Charlie wrapped around your little finger. You are so smart and funny. Much like your name, which came to me in a dream long before you were born, you are unique. With that brain and that smile, you are going to set the world on fire!

Being your mother has been one of my greatest joys. Although you are twins, please know that I have done my best to treat you as individuals. You are so unique, yet so lucky to have a built-in partner in crime! It has been my pleasure watching you grow and being witness to your miracles. You have brought peace and happiness to our lives when all else felt tumultuous and uncertain. In your journey, we all have grown and for that we are forever thankful. You are so loved. Happy 2nd birthday, Henry and Tallulah! Our world is complete with you in it.


7 thoughts on “To Henry and Tallulah on your 2nd birthday

  1. Yay for Henry and Talullah! I know how lucky you feel to have them in your life,Shannon…that much is evident by your writing. But these 2 little people are truly the lucky ones to have such an amazing, strong and fierce mother. (As are Charlie and Finn.). Love to you on their birthday! Xoxoxo

  2. What an amazing tribute to your children! You are so eloquent in expressing your love for two precious, incredible children. Happy Birthday Tallulah and Henry!!!

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