Some good news!

I have some really amazing news! Even as I am typing, I can’t help but smile! This has been brewing for a couple weeks now, but I’ve been hesitant to announce it or accept it for certain because I thought it was too good to be true. But, we saw Henry’s neurologist today and she removed Henry’s Cerebral Palsy diagnosis! She even went so far as to say that he “looked perfect!” She used words like “developmentally appropriate” and “discontinue services.” She even said “you don’t need me anymore” (but said we could follow up in 6 months just to be sure!) Even after I grilled her about my laundry list of concerns and red flags for autism and other developmental issues, she said, “He is going to be just fine. Some day you will tell him the story of the scare he put you through when he was a little baby.”

I really can’t believe it.

But I have to tell you. I will. I will believe it because it is amazing news! And we could all use a little of that!

I know I don’t write about Henry’s diagnosis very often. It’s been for a few reasons. One is that Finn’s autism helped me accept Henry’s diagnosis. It didn’t decimate me or wrack me with worry. The doctors told us that Henry’s CP would unfold how it would and all we could do was wait and see. We were already doing everything we could (Early Intervention physical therapy since he was five months old and a teacher once a week since he was one). Henry would show us what he could and couldn’t do, so I decided to let him. Finn’s autism taught me not to let a label limit my expectations.

And I’ve always believed in my heart of hearts that Henry would be just fine. With or without a diagnosis, Henry would be fine because he is such an amazing boy. There is a light that shines out of him that you only have to meet him to see. He has a twinkle in his eye and a sparkle in his smile. He is absolutely infectious. I know that no matter what, he will do great things. He already has. He started walking at 18 months and since then, his language exploded! He has gone from having “no words” at 15 months (no recognizable words to the doctors, I thought he had words!) to having almost 100 words at 21 months! The spasticity (tightness in his muscles) is almost completely gone (thanks to bracing since he was just weeks old and a really great physical therapist!) He is practically running around the house!

With every surefooted step he takes, a little piece of me jumps for joy! I still can’t believe it! But I will enjoy getting used to it! So, won’t you please allow me this victory lap? I don’t want to tempt fate, but like I said, we could all use a little good news.



13 thoughts on “Some good news!

  1. For whatever reason Shann…great children come from Awesome families. Take you and your sister Suz and Kelly & Colleen & Chuck…you all have becoming AMAZING individuals in your own right. So, why expect any less from your own children? It’s funny to say, but I’m sure there were many scares that you guys gave your own parents – maybe not to the same extent, but a scare is a scare. But look at the AMAZING adults you have grown into. Finns diagnosis has definitely helped your coping skills and I admire your tenacity by being medically proactive in researching what Henry was diagnosed with and getting on the train to get him ahead of the illness. When Trips son Darren was an infant, they thought he may be deaf or needed speech therapy or something – anything because he didn’t speak for the first almost 2 years of his life. The doctors all said “he will speak when he is ready too.” Yet still you scour every piece of info (back in the 90s) there wasn’t much in the way of online sources. Now, while he is quiet, sometimes his dry sense of humor and fight over politics verbally that comes from him is unable to be silenced. His words are often “music to my ears” because his voice is so much more precious then the endless text typing and vibrating messages he receives. So while you make this, your victory lap, please know that you can hear my big mouth cheering for you and your family from the stands – louder than Mr. Raff yelling my name throughout the halls of GCHS. I even yelled out loud and, inappropriately so, in the local Publix when I saw Finn’s shiny new trophy for soccer! And you may be able to hear me routing for all of you Cogan/Costal/Gallagher (affectionately known now as Cogstallagher or Cogallastal either will work). This is your time to shine and like I always say “God has His own plan…and a weird sense of humor”. It’s amazing how you can be happy, hyper, humble, & proud all in the same breath. These are the moments embedded in your life forever. So go easy on little Henry if he happens to have an enormous Toga party or maybe drive all his friends around town a few years before he actually gets his drivers license. Just go easy. You make me proud Cogstallagher to call myself a Gloucester Gal! You make me feel like a proud Aunt down here. Still waiting for my autographed photo (previous post). Much love always Bernadette (& Rita (checkout girl) & all of isle 13 Publix Bellaire).

  2. Once again, you touch my heart and make me smile! Enjoy the victory lap…you deserve it for being such a great mom and for sharing your life You have touched more people than you will ever know.

  3. Wow!!!!! What amazing and fantastic news!!!!! I am so extremely happy for you, joe and the entire family. I know what you went through to bring your twins in the world and the love you give each of your children is priceless. They are all amazing and wonderful children!!!! I’m dancing around the room and couldn’t be happier for you!!!!

    On another note, it doesn’t look like I’m going to making the yearly trip to jersey with Michael and the kids. My vertigo still has a ways to go and we decided it would be better for me to stay home so the kids could go out and have as much fun as possible. I’m sad that I won’t be able to see you, but am a little excited to have a week to myself. That’s crazy!!!!! A whole week!!!!

    Will talk soon… Give Henry an extra hug from that weird lady steph! He doesn’t even know it yet, but he’s got big stuff in his future… Look at what he’s already done!!!!


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